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Posada Larsen counts on 6 rooms, decorated in the coziest way with a distinguished country style. It has double, twin and triple rooms. All rooms are spacious and have underfloor heating. They also present, trough their wide windows, beautiful landscapes of Argentinian Lake and The Andes. Bathrooms are fully equipped, very warm and comfortable, with hot water available 24 hs a day and hair dryer. From every room you can access the garden, where you can seat, relax, and admire the view.



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In order to start a good day, there is nothing better than a good a homemade breakfast to recharge energy and begin a day full of flavour and vitality than. We make our bread of different varieties. Enjoy it watching the Lago Argentino lake and the Andes mountain range with good background music.


Puerto Deseado 223
El Calafate - Patagonia Argentina
Tel: +54 (02902) 493-943
[email protected]


llegar en avion a calafate hospedaje alojamiento

IF YOU COME BY PLANE:The airport locates 20 km distant from El Calafate. From ther you could take a taxi or a transfer that will take you to Posada Larsen.

llegar en bus a calafate hospedaje alojamiento

IF YOU COME BY BUS: From the Bus stop you need to go down to the main street: San martin Street, turn right and walk towards the bridge. Going through the bridge you should turn to your left and go down street Coronel Rosales one block. You turn to your right and go one block up trough Puerto San Julian street, then you go to your left once again over Puerto Deseado street and you will find at 30mts distant Posada Larsen.

llegar en auto a calafate hospedaje alojamiento

IF YOU COME DRIVING: Take main street San Martin, do not go trough the bridge, and continue to your right, trough Coronel Rosales street. Go straight ahead one block and turn right on the first street, called Puerto San Julian. Go one block up and then turn left on Puerto Deseado street, you will find Posada Larsen 30 mts straight ahead.

  • 6 rooms with private bathroom (double, twin, or triple)
  • Typicall Patagonia Breakfast (everthing is homemade)
  • Free Wi-fi.
  • Room Amenities.
  • Servicio de mucama.
  • Lunch Service
  • Loundry Service
  • Underfloor heating
  • Parking
  • Travel assistance


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  • + Estancias
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El Calafate and its sorroundings offer activities for all kind of traveleres. Those who are looking for some quietness, those who love nature, those who love and adventure and the ones who love to go sightseeing. It si possible to walk by the lake, visit museums, ride around town on bike, perform trekkings on the glacier, sail, go horseback riding and many other things! Here you will find all the information! We hope it helps you organize your trip.

Glaciar Perito Moreno Tours:

Perito Moreno Glacier and El Calafate are separated by 80km of road. Once you arrive at the glacier area you can walk along the balconies in order to have different views of the amazing ice river and of course the glacier. Once you finish your walk you can take a one hour navigation trough the iceberg channel (canal de los témpanos) approaching the Glacier until reaching a 300 mts distance. This tour is optional.

The options that you have to visit the glacier are:
Bus (without guide)

You can take a regular bus that goes everyday at 8:00am from the bus station, and returns from the National Park at 4pm. You stay at the footbridges for around 4 hours. Oh! And you also could take an optional one hour navigation that approaches the south face of the Glacier.

Dont Includes:Entrance to the park. Lunch. Bus terminal fee. Navigation.

Hostel ´s Tour XL: ( For Backpackers )

The Hostel´s Tour XL! Is a different way to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, an excursion where you are the main character. We start the pick up at 9 am., taking an alternative route to the Glacier, a typical Patagonian route, where instead of seeing cars and buses, we´ll see different birds and the native fauna in their natural habitat. During the trip we´ll stop in different viewpoints, and in the road stop " Estancia Río Mitre" where we´ll know the kind of life on the Patagonian Ranches and their characters. Within Los Glaciares National Park, and the Andean Patagonian forest we´ll make stops on the viewpoints before reaching the blaconies, where we´ll begin to appreciate the beauty of the glacier and its environment. We´ll have the posibility to take a boat trip for 1 hour long by the south face of the Perito Moreno Glacier, where we´ll get about 300 meters and we´ll appreciate the glacier from the closest point. We´ll start the circuit of the viewpoints from the north side, walking from the bottom to the top by the "coast path", so, in this way we´ll discover the glacier as we approach it. And also this is an ideal area for lunch in peace, enjoying a spectacular view of the Glacier. After walking completely all the viewpoints circuit, we´ll begin our return by the Route N° 11, with the ArgentineanLake as permanent landscape up to El Calafate. When we reached to El Calafate, we´ll take the coastal street to admire the flamingos decorating our RedondaBay. And we´ll end up the tour tasting the Chopen craft beer.

dont includes: Entrance to the park. Lunch. Navigation.

Conventional guided tour:

They pick you up at your hotel at 8am, heading the National Park trough road nº11. During the trip, the guide will explain about flora and fauna of these landscapes, as well as a little bit of history about Patagonia Austral, and the formation of glaciers. Once we get to the view points, you are free to walk the balconies on your own; it is about a 3km walk, where you can find your favorite spot to stay still admiring the beauty of Glacier sight. Once the tour is finished we take you back to your hotel, around 5pm. Oh! And you also could take an optional one hour navigation that approaches the south face of the Glacier. It does not includes: Entrance to the park. Lunch. Bus terminal fee. Navigation.

Trekking en el Glaciar Perito Moreno:

They pick you up at your hotel or hostel. After 73km, you are headed to the port “BajolasSombras” (7 km to the Glacier view points) Once you get there, you board a ship to cross the lake (Brazo Rico), arriving to the south-west coast after about 20 minutes sailing, where you appreciate the south face of Perito Moreno. After you get off the ship, you have access to the refugee where specialized guides organize groups to walk by the river for about 20 minutes, until you get the Glacier. Then you get to the Glacier where you are assisted to put on the crampons, and you get instructions about the right way to walk trough ice. The tour on top of the glacier last for about two hours. During that period you get to enjoy the sights of several types of ice formations such us cracks, sinks, small lagoons and small gaps. The level of difficulty of this walk is medium. The ice surface where you walk on is irregular but firm and secure. In this tour you also get information about flora, fauna, and glaciology in general terms, about the region as well as you will get to know about the particular phenomenon of Perito Moreno ruptures. When the tour is finished you go back to the refugee, going through a magnificent forest (bosquemagallánico) where the visitors get to have lunch enjoying a wonderful view. This excursion is only for persons between 10 to 65 years old.

Dont includes: Entrance to the national park. Lunch.

Duración: 10 horas.

Big Ice:

They pick you up at the hostel to go to the port "Bajo de lassombras" at 9:00 pm when the adventure begins, there you will take the boat to cross the Rico arm (south face ) to the other side of the channel, the trip last about 10 minutes .Once there, the guides begin with a one hour walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier border until you reach a spectacular viewpoint where you will enter the ice, but first you need to put on the crampons, being helped by the specialized guides. Once on the glacier you can observe blue lagoons, deep crevices and caves. Always accompanied by expert guides to explore the glacier for four hours before returning to the port and then back to the hostel or hotel by bus, arriving at 6:30 to El Calafate. This excursion is only for persons between 18 to 45 years old. What should you take to the ice trekking tours? sun glasses, Sun block, comfortable and warm clothing, sun hat, waterproof coat, gloves, trekking boots, 40lts backpack, and your personal canteen..

Dont Include: Entrance to the national park. Lunch.

Duration: 12 hours

Navegación Ríos de Hielo (Rivers of Ice):

Departing from your hotel at 7 am and after 50km of pavement, you will get to the port called “Punta Bandera” where the ships that visit the North face of Lago Argentino wait to be board. After sailing across the most stretch pass of the lake, called Boca del Diablo, you will find the first icebergs. You will get to see different types and sized icebergs along the entire trip. When you get to Upsala channel you will find an enormous amount of icebergs blocking the pass forward. After apreatiating this particular sight, you keep sailing heading Spegazzini Glacier, which main characteristic is the 135 meters tall ice wall, that makes of it the tallest glacier in the park. This ship will visit Upsala Glacier and Spegazzini, (it will not get to Perito Moreno) spending more time at each stop, to fully appreciate each particular sight and landscape. Returns to town will be about 15:00 pm. .

It does not include:Entrance to the park. Lunch

Glaciar Perito Moreno navigations:
Marpatag :

Se trata de una maravillosa forma de conocer los glaciares a bordo de un crucero de lujo. El recorrido se inicia con rumbo noroeste, pasando por Punta Avellaneda y Boca del Diablo -el paso más estrecho del lago, con un ancho de aproximadamente 800 metros-. Luego de dos horas de navegación, la sucesión de témpanos de los más variados colores y formas nos anuncia la cercanía del glaciar Upsala. Nos detenemos frente a la barrera de témpanos que momentáneamente impide el ingreso al Canal Upsala, y si las condiciones climáticas lo permiten, admiramos el Glaciar Upsala a la distancia. Continuamos surcando el lago Argentino rumbo sur, y tomamos el Canal Spegazzini para llegar al glaciar del mismo nombre. La navegación permite un acercamiento impactante a este glaciar que cuenta con paredes frontales de entre 80 y 135 metros sobre el nivel del lago. Se sirve el almuerzo disfrutando de este maravilloso paisaje. Hacia la tarde el Crucero Leal llega a Puesto de Las Vacas -bahía sumamente tranquila dentro del Canal Spegazzini-, donde silencia sus motores para permitir a los pasajeros compartir una interesante caminata coordinada por nuestro equipo de guías. En este descenso es posible apreciar magníficos puntos panorámicos del Glaciar Spegazzini. Posteriormente se emprende el regreso por el Brazo Norte, para arribar al puerto privado La Soledad a las 18:00/ 18:30 hs. Incluye: Almuerzo gourmet abordo con bebidas alcohólicas y no alcohólicas incluidas. Desembarque en Puesto de las Vacas. Infusiones y bebidas no alcohólicas durante todo el recorrido. Actividades a bordo acompañadas por guía bilingüe (inglés- español).

No incluye: Traslados IN y OUT desde El Calafate. Entrada al Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

Horseback Riding:
Horseback riding Santa Patagonia ( From October 1st)

A 149 km from El Calafate to El Chalten course , on the shore of Lake Viedma is Estancia Santa Teresita . Nowadays it is one of the few Estancias that still works with sheep production. It also has a privileged view of the Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Glacier Viedma. We offer several options to visit:

Short Ride (2 hours):

It is a good option to enjoy a real picnic. We will pick you up by your hotel at 7.30. am . Once we get to the Estancia we enjoy a welcome breakfast countryside style. Afterwards we ride to enjoy what landscape has to offer, including the Laguna de los Patos , where you can see varieties of ducks , flamingos, geese and other native birds accompanied with the incredible view of Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Glacier Viedma. Back to the Estancia we will have lunch and take a tour around the installations, getting to know the Shearing Shed, one of the largest and most ancient places in the sourroundings .

Long ride. (5 hours):

We will pick you up by your hotel at 7.30am. Once we get to the Estancia we will enjoy a welcome breakfast countryside style. Then we will begin the ride, the route will be for 2 ½ hours until it reaches the Peninsula. Against the backdrop of the stunning landscape of Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Glacier Viedma. We arrived at a place where we will have as lunch, a typical plate, Creole lamb steak, we will rest for a while, to finally go back to the Estancia.

Horseback Riding for 2days and 1 night XL:

We will pick you up at your hotel at 7.30am once we get to the Estancia we will enjoy a welcome breakfast countryside style. Then we will start the ride, the tour will take 6 hours to El Monte refugio. On the way we will rest for a while at the stop La Comisariarefugio. Once we reach the destination we will spend the night and the next day we will return to the farm. Meals are included.

Several days Horseback Riding: Ask for rates

We offer several alternatives with stay at the Estancia according to your preference or need. Accommodation: Night ¬¬+ All meals: (bring sleeping bag) We have a hostel mounted on a typical house. TRF: ( Fte- Ea.SantaTeresita-Fte)

Excursiones de Aventura:

It is a 3 hours long tour which consist in an integrated circuit of adventurous activities. After picking up the passengers at their hotel or hostel, we head to E! establishment, located in 25 de Mayo estancia, by the stream Calafate. Hikers are equipped with harnesses, helmets, belts, carabiners, pulleys and descender while giving them specific instructions about how will develop the activities and also explaining safety measures to be maintained during the entire journey. There are several activities taking place include Canopy of 160 meters long and 30 meters high, RAPPEL with a little adrenaline going down the canyon walls with heights ranging from 10 to 30 meters at the highest point. CLIMBING with different degrees of difficulty, to help ensure that everyone can feel the passion of using hands and feet to climb vertical walls and feel all the security to do so. And the last activity, VIA FERRATA which is a widespread sport in Europe. Here, hikers can experience the feeling of climbing vertical and overhanging walls via ladders attached to the rock wall and using a safety device. Upon reaching the top of the wall the group meets to discuss their experience, and anecdotes owned during the activities in the mountains while sharing a round of paramela scented vodka and chocolates.

Bosque Petrificado La Leona

It is a full day excursion , with transfer provided from your accommodation to the vicinity of La Leona Roadhouse , located halfway between El Calafate and El Chalten . This tour is aimed at all those people who like outdoor activities and adventure, willing to discover new places . Average fitness is required as the tour includes approximately 3hrs of discontinuous walking on uneven ground. It departs from El Calafate , traveling 33 km, via Route No. 5 to the east and then 67 km to the north on National Route 40 . During this journey you will see the Lago Argentino, Santa Cruz River , the La Leona River and its beautiful valley , with panoramic views of the Andes Mountains , including Mount Fitz Roy . After a stop of about 15 minutes in the Hotel La Leona ( historical site ) , the tour continues 10 km to the west, along the south shore of Lake Viedma , until the slopes of Cerro Los Hornos ( Estancia Santa Teresita ), where the group arrives around 12:00 pm. We look for the first time the huge depression in the ground where they are petrified trees and begins the trek of exploration between fossils . Once we reach half the way we will stop for lunch . Throughout the walk will be possible to see lots of petrified trees lying on the surface , some with a diameter of 1.20 meters , these are testimony of ancient times when the weather was very different from today, supporting an abundant flora in the region . Occasionally fossils of differ types of dinosaurs are exposed. The return starts at about 2pm , with a new stop in the roadhouse Hotel La Leona , arriving in El Calafate around 4.30pm . The tour runs every day with a minimum of two passengers and is subject to weather conditions .

Upsala Kayak:

The experience begins When passangers of "Upsala Kayak Experience" get on the shuttle to go to the port of Punta Bandera. The guides and "Janet", the ferry, will be waiting for boarding. While navigating the Lago Argentino the group will get some explanations about the region, performed by the guides. During this journey you will observe the fauna and flora of the area (condors, eagles, wild cows, ñires and lengas among others) and you will pass very close to numerous giant cliffs and high mountains. Passengers will be offered breakfast and hot drinks. And after two hours of sailing, approximately, the training on the activity of kayaking will begin. First, each passenger will be provided with due equipment adapted to their size and will proceed to put on it, using the facilities and bathrooms. Personal items will remain in the boat. Later in the same boat you will be shown how to properly sit in the kayak and which is the security protocol. Also some drills will be performed on the kayaks to explain the activity. Once you locate a safe place to land depending on weather conditions (protected from the wind) and the state of the ice in the Upsala Channel - at Onelli Bay, you will proceed to down the kayaks on the site and a final explanation detailing rowing technique and solving doubts will be performed. After a little warming up, the kayak guided tour will begin, taking about 2 hours to perform the entire activity (always depending on the weather and physical conditions of the group). During the tour they will explain interesting facts about the region. The pace will be adapted to the level of the group and the environmental conditions. The sailing will always be in a group, accompanied by suitable guides. The guides will be in constant communication by radio with the shuttle crew, which will be the support boat. Lunch will take place once the kayaking activity is finished, on board the ferry on the returning travel (it is included in the service). Upon returning to the boat, stretching exercises will be done to relax the body and proceed to change again, inside the boat. Complimentary snack will be provided. Return to Puerto Bandera will be at 7 pm to take the transfer back to El Calafate.

Excursiones en 4x4:
Calafate Extremo:


El cerro, a 10 minutos de El Calafate, dentro de la Estancia Huyli-che, nos permite acceder en vehículos Land Rover 4x4 a destaca-dos puntos panorámicos de la zona, a 900 metros de altura. Desde los Balcones de El Calafate se puede observar el lago Argentino, la ciudad de El Calafate, los cerros Fitz Roy y Torre, Pun-ta Bandera y la naciente de el Glaciar Perito Moreno. El recorrido presenta un sitio constituido por roca sedimentaria de finales del periodo cretáceo, astillas de madera petrificada, dientes de tiburones, ostras marinas y huesos fosilizados que atestiguan el pasado prehistórico y dan un valor a la travesía. En el mismo se hacen 4 paradas para observar y disfrutar de 3 miradores y “el puesto”. En este se da un servicio de almuerzo por la mañana y de merienda por la tarde. Las paradas son el momento ideal para tomar fotos del paisaje y eventualmente gozar de la aparición de cóndores, águilas, guanacos o zorros. Antes de alcanzar nuestra última parada, se puede realizar una caminata de entre 15 a 20 minutos entre rocas y vegetación de altura para llegar al puesto con vistas al valle del Moyano.

Incluye: Traslado Y servicio de guía.

Cerro Frías:

Just 23 kilometers from El Calafate, on the way to Perito Moreno Glacier, we find the Cerro Frias. The excursion starts from the hotel, the ascent will be by different circuits depending on the option you choose. The options are; 4 x 4 vehicle, horse riding, trekking, canopy or mountain bike. During the ascent you are able to enjoy the panoramic view of the Torres del Paine, mount Fitz Roy, lagoargentino North and South Arm , Boca del Diablo, and all the indigenous flora and fauna, returning via the spectacular forest of "lengas" . After two hours, all circuits converge on the barbecue, at the base of the hill, to enjoy a rich roast beef with grilled vegetables, all done in clay ovens, and dessert.

Calafate Mountain Park:
Balcony Chairlift

El Calafate Mountain Park is located in Cerro Huyliche, 1.050 mts above sea level. Its main access is trough Balcony Chairlift. It goes up during 350 meters of irregular surface, until it reaches a height of 990 meters above the sea level. This tour is new in the area, and it offers marvelous panoramic views of the town, Lago Argentino lake, and Los Andes cordon. CMP has a menú of several activities during the summer: Hiking, 4x4 routes, mountain bike descents, crossings quads and many alternatives in winter, such us snowmobile, snowshoe circuits, tubing, ski, etc.

4x4 Balcony of Calafate

The tour begins with pickup from hotels (this service can take about 15 minutes) and then complete a journey of about 15 km to the entrance of Cerro Huyliche, rising 350 meters of elevation to reach the top. At a height of 990 meters above sea level, the guides and drivers will be waiting for you, to start a journey of 1 ½ hours on the line of hills located behind the village. This crossing is on steppe landscapes, reaching heights of up to 1050 meters above sea level. The first stop is a viewpoint which offers a magnificent and unique view of El Calafate and the main arm of Lago Argentino lake. The tour allow us to appreciate views of the Andes and the accumulation zone of glaciers, facing the Devils Mouth (narrowest part of the lake, toward the arm Upsala). If the weather is good enough to have total clear skies, you will be able to see Fitz Roy, and Cerro Torre, the two main mountains at El Chalten. Continuing the tour up, we will reach the Stone Labyrinth: formation dating from the Cretaceous period 85 million years ago, this whole area was once a riverbed, now being an important fossils site. Once the tour is completed, we will return to the chairlifts, to descend, and finally take lasts pictures of stunning Lago Argentino.

Cuatriciclos Quad Escape

The tour begins with pickup from hotels (this service can take about 15 minutes) The Program includes the rise in Balcony Chairlift, and then after the tour guide introduction, a journey of kilometers. The 4x4 quads will take you through ancient geography and the best parts of the Cerro Huyliche, such as the Mega Labirinth never before visited. This is a new CMP proposal which offers superb panoramic views of El Calafate, Lago Argentino and the Andes.

Mountain Bike Cross Fire

This program is designed for people with minimal experience in mountain biking who enjoy doing activities outdoors. This is a circuit of constant decline across roads and smooth trails, 13 km long, an ideal experience to share with friends, during incentive travels, or with the family. The activity starts with a small walking tour to the point of mountain bikes delivery stand, where the bikes are tested. Before starting the activity some stretching exercises are performed, the relevant safety regulations are explained and any doubts are clarified. During the tour a few stops will be done to tell some interesting facts about the environment, taking the chance to check the status of the equipment and if every participant id doing ok. Once the full descent of the Hill is performed, the last part of the route goes trough urban area, always keeping the group together, to finally get to the office where a snack will be shared to take the tour to its end.

Cross Fire Familiar

This program is designed for groups up to 6 people who wish to pursue exclusively the downhill mountain bike in the Cerro Huyliche. Always accompanied with the circuit guide and ending the tour in the town.

Estancias Tours:
Estancia Cristina:

Pick-up begins at hotels at 7am to head the road to port Punta Bandera (about 50 km from El Calafate) , were the boarding proceeds. Once on board we will sail the North Arm of Lake Argentino towards the Boca del Diablo ( narrowest part of the North Arm ) and then we will go troughUpsala Channel up to the glacier of the same name, where you will be able to watch from close different types of icebergs that form an impenetrable barrier. After appreciating that sight, we will keep sailing trough Cristina Chanel until we get to the Estancia. There you will be able to choose among three options :


You will tour around the Estancia and learn the history of the pioneers who founded it in 1914. After that you will visit the Estancia museum , the original helmet of the place , the small chapel there is, and you will get to the side of the rivers Caterina and La Noria that run trough the Estancia. Finally we will be returning to El Calafate, shipping scheduled at 5pm.


When you reach to the Estancia after the navigation, frist activity is to visit Estancia Cristina folkloric museum , after that you will take a 4x4 vehicle crossing the Peninsula Herminita for around 45 minutes long, you will get to visit the mountain shelter called Rios Continentales , and after a walk of about 30 minutes you will reach the Upsala Glacier viewpoint from where you have a magnificent view of Lake William , Southern Ice, and the Andes . Then , you will continue your tour by 4x4 vehicle trough the Estancia for about one more hour. Finally you will get to port to board the ship back to El Calafate. Arriving in town around 7pm.

Dont includes: Lunch (optional) , Entrance feed.

Trekking Cañadón de los Fósiles:

When you get to the Estancia, you will ascend the mountain in a vehicle 4 x4 , where you will get to go trough a very interest and beautiful landscape, you will see what is left after the glacier retrieved, generating great geological interest. Once you get to the top you will have the beautiful sight of Upasala, Lake Williams, South Patagonia Ice field, and The Andes, all from Upsala Viewpoint. The descent of the mountain will take place walking down the canyon of marine fossils , unique features Valley within the park.Then you will return to town, with the same ship that took you to the Estancia, arriving at El Calafate around 6pm.

No Incluye: lunch box, Entrada al Parque Nacional.

Nibepo Aike – Full Day:

Just 56 km from El Calafate within Glacier National Park, is the ranch (estancia) Nibepo Aike, of incomparable beauty and a heightened state of natural purity. You can take either morning or afternoon trips, there will be mate waiting, along with tea, coffee and homemade cookies, enjoying a wonderful view of the Cordillera de los Andes. Then begin a walk through the South Arm of Lake Argentino to discover several outcrops eroded by glacial action and changes in lake levels, there you can clearly see the folds of the earths crust differentiated by the variety of sediments that resulted. These formations occur until a point where the rocks form a natural amphitheater, giving rise to very quiet beaches of curious shapes. Discover paths through a forest of beech and ñires trees, home to owls, austral parakeets, rabbits, woodpeckers, eagles and a rich variety of flora and fauna. You will be able to appreciate a native skill, a demonstration of reins, meekness of native horses, also in the barn you can enjoy a manual shearing demonstration, unique to the area. After the tour of the historic site, you will enjoy the typical Patagonian lamb barbecue, "bife de chorizo", "chorizos", fresh salads from the garden, homemade dessert, coffee and tea selection.

No Incluye: Cabalgata. Ni bebidas alcohólicas o no alcohólicas durante la comida.

Estancia 25 de Mayo:

El recorrido comienza por los alojamientos para trasladar a los pasajeros hasta la Estancia 25 de Mayo. La recepción incluye mates, tortas fritas y café carretero. A continuación, recorreremos el sendero Arroyo Calafate, para deleitarnos en el mirador del arroyo con una degustación de vinos patagónicos. Al regresar, los pasajeros podrán presenciar una demostración de arreo de ovejas con perros, para luego trasladarnos hacia el antiguo galpón de esquila, corrales y baño de ovejas de la estancia, donde presenciarán una demostración de esquila mientras conversamos sobre la historia de nuestros pioneros. La cena, en el restaurante El Quincho, incluye: empanadas criollas y escabeches, cordero patagónico al asador acompañado de otros cortes de carnes y ensaladas con vegetales de la huerta orgánica. Para finalizar esta jornada inolvidable, un grupo de gauchos brindarán un show folklórico haciendo un recorrido por las danzas típicas del país.

El Chalten:

At the northern tip of Los Glaciares National Park, at the foot of the Mt Fitz Roy granite massif and the Mt Torre massif you will find the small village of El Chaltén, Argentinas youngest town, founded on October 12, 1985. From El Calafate there are 220 kilometers of roads that offer magical views of glaciers, hidden lakes, livestock farms, Lake Viedma and the overpowering presence of Mt Fitz Roy. This mountains unmistakable profile is always capped with a cloud, mistaken for volcanic fumes by the tehuelche Indians, whence they called it Chaltén (meaning "the one who smokes”). El Chaltén is one of Argentinas prime climbing spots. It is also an ideal place for horseback and foot trekking, as well as sailing, and for communing with nature in all its beauty. Most of the excursions leave from the village, and one does not need to be an expert to use the clearly-marked tracks. The buses to the Village run everyday and takes to arrive there around three hours.

Bus regular Calafate - Chalten:

Salida todos los días desde la terminal a las 8 am, 1 pm y 6.30 pm.
Regreso desde el Chalten a las 7.30 am, 1 pm y 6 pm.

Excursiones en Chalten:
Viedma Light: ( 2 HS )

Just 17 kilometers south of El Chalten you will get to Tunnel Bay, small and picturesque , it is located in a natural bay repaired , a few hundred meters from the river delta. Once there you will proceed to board a ship, and you will sail across the bay to the south. The depth of the lake allows a pleasant near-shore navigation , which allows observing the massifs of Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro huemul . Arriving at Cape Horn (Southeast of snowdrifts Field ) , the boat turns west and meets the Viedma Glacier stunning view . Sail through the front of the glacier, where you will be able to see icebergs passing by, and also you would be able to appreaciate the different types of blue in the sky, but also, in the 40 meters tall walls that rise above the lake level. This area is ideal for briefings on glaciology offered by our guides. Then you will return to Tunnel Bay.

Incluye: Guía de turismo habilitado por la APN - Snack a bordo

Full Day Adventure opción 1 (desde Calafate)

Esta excursión se puede tomar desde el Calafate como un full day. Almuerzo en el Fitz Roy Adventur Eco Camp y VIEDMA LIGHT. El producto está dirigido a todas las personas en general. Se contempla un escenario natural único y exclusivo en la zona norte del Parque.

Viedma Ice Trekking: ( 6 HS )

Navigating the Viedma Lake , walk with crampons on the glacier, crossing cracks, drains and other points of interest. Just 17 miles south of El Chalten is the small and picturesque Tunnel Bay , located in a natural bay repaired , a few hundred meters from the river delta. You will sail across the bay to the south. The depth of the lake allows a pleasant near-shore navigation , which allows observing the massifs of Cerro Fitz Roy and huemul . Arriving at Cape Horn (Southeast Ventisqueros Field ) , the boat turns west and meets the Viedma Glacier stunning view . Sail through the front of the glacier , where you can see different types of icebergs passing by, and also the blues in the sky as well as in the 40 meters ice walls that rise above the lake level. You will land on a rocky shore, facing the Viedma Glacier . Passengers are invited to come down and regroup, there the group guide will give you a small presentation . It takes a short walk through the field, which a few years ago was occupied by the glacier to reach the edge of the glacier, after a few minutes where all visitors will put the crampons on, to clim the glacier. There Is where a trek of two hours on Viedma glacier begins. The guides are responsible for the safety of the walk and they will share with you all of their knowledge about the area. After the tour there will be a break for lunch before boarding the boat back to Tunnel Bay . Note: This excursion can be taken from El Calafate as a full day tour.

Full Day Adventure Opción 2 (desde El Calafate)

Esta excursión de puede realizar desde El Calafate como Full Day.

Viedma Pro: ( 9 HS )

Viedma Glacier is an ideal place for ice climbing practices . Its walls cracks allow a full instructional day and make this program extremely attractive, a great alternative when taking the first steps in this sport , or even if you are just interested in living a different and unique experience, perfect for those who love adventure and doing activities outdoors. Just 17 miles south of El Chalten is the small and picturesque Tunnel Bay , located in a natural bay repaired , a few hundred meters from the river delta. You will sail across the bay to the south. The depth of the lake makes possible a pleasant near-shore navigation, which allows observing the massifs of Cerro Fitz Roy and huemul. Arriving at Cape Horn (Southeast Ventisqueros Field ), the boat turns west and meets the Viedma Glacier stunning view. You will sail through the front of the glacier, where you will be able to see different type of icebergs passing by, also you will enjoy of the blues of the sky alltoghether with the blues of 40 meters tall ice walls that rise over the lake level. Then you will land on a rocky shore facing the Viedma Glacier. Passengers are invited to come down and regroup, there the group guide will give you a small presentation about the the activities that will take place during the tour. After that small talk the group will walk to the school zone. Once assigned the technical team and coordinated the group , you will head to where the practices begin . After presenting the technical team, you will get right explainations about the technical and security mechanisms, then activities begin . The mountain guides teach basic skills in the correct order, so that the participants make rapid progress . People who take this course will be surprised by the rapid technical improvements . During the tour there will be a break for lunch ( box lunch is not included ) , the activities come to an end, you will return to Tunnel Bay on board of your ship.

No Incluye: Lunch box.

Torres del Paine: Chile

Declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978, the Torres del Paine National Park, (located in the Chilean Patagonia) in internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and remote places of the planet. Their attractions reside on its spectacular mountain range, lakes, flora and fauna that make of this place an ideal destination for Eco-tourism and adventure. Without doubt, one of the major attractions of the park is the Paine Massif. To hike the park, there are hiking trails all around the park, with lodges, campgrounds, and transportation on most trailheads. Trails are safe and easy to follow, made for the average trekker, and if you want to push your limits, there are plenty of activities related to adventure like climbing, kayaking, rafting or glacier crossing. Any way you take it, it will stay in your memories forever. The options that you have to get there are: • FULL DAY: this excursion leaves El Calafate every really early morning 5.30 am and takes around 5 hours to arrive to Torres del Paine National Park. Once you are at the National Park, the mini-bus makes stops in different places to get incredible views of the area. You go and return the same day. • BUS: leaves El Calafate everyday and brings you straight inside of the National Park, and also you return from Paine straight to El Calafate. • BUS A PUERTO NATALES: the bus runs everyday and takes around 4 hours and a half to get to the city. Once you arrive there, you can take from the bus station another bus to rich the Torres del Paine National Park; or spend one night in some Hostel in Natales and leave from there next day in the morning.

RUTA 40:

The National Route 40 is the “spine” of Argentina,Goes from the Puna to Southern end of the American Continent.The Route 40 joins the North to the south,Which zigzags through beatifulmountains,Valleys, plains, lovely little towns and amazing landscape. Once you have experinced this wonder yourself that Argentina has to offer, you will want to revisit year after year. During the high season (November to April) you can Enjoy this famous route from Calafate to Bariloche.The trips takes 2 days, trevelling around 12/14 hours per day. The first day Calafate or Chalten to PeritoMoreno.Departures in odd numbered days from the bus station in calfate or from Rancho Grande Hostel in Chalten, arrioving in Perito Moreno in the evening.And the last day Perito Moreno to Bariloche.Departures in even numbered days from Hotel BelgranoinPerito Moreno to Bariloche. You can also stay in Esquel or El Bolsón.



El Calafate is a place where steppes, mountains, lakes, woods and glaciers coexist with native flora and fauna. El Calafate is named after a small bush typical of southern Patagonia, which fruit ( a kind of berry ) is very much used in local confectionery, Especially for jams. According to tradition, the person who eats Calafate … will keep coming back for more.




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